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Full text of "Deed, Joshua Warner to Samuel Partridge, 1773"

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%0 till'^tOplt t^m^tn mtt^uknt^ mi come. 



in Confideration of tIjgSi 

/^ . J Q. C^ M ^ 1L, m*-^ l'L^'y><^ '" ^^"'^ P^ii^ before the Delivery herepf, by 

\\t Receipt whereof-, y do hereby acknowledge, Have given, granted, bargained, and 

fdl^and do by^^thele Prefents, ^ive, grant, bargain, lei), and convey unto /^^.^^.the faid 

«»i(^ ana ao oy tneie rreients, give, gr 

^^ ^^^^Ai^^^^^i^i^i^ Lieu {^i. -uhtdLT'^ 

CD l^aDe atlD to tOlD the raid granfid and bargained /'^'LL^^Lj _J 

together with all thci|Appurtenances, to VKi^thefald '/(Kf^VX.U^t'Pc^.^^t^r^iU^ivvi 
And^^U^U^^ Heirs and Affigf^forever.^ 

^°j*^^ , ^^j.r'j'^^ PPI^' Executors and Admlniftrators, do hereby Covenant to 
and With the fai'd ,J(\^,vy\\A,iS'^e%A.h-^p^^^ 

that at the fcaling hereof J <5ww-u^ the lawAil Owner of faid granted Premifes, with their 
Appurtenances, and ftand feized thereof in M/*^ owti proper Right, as a good Eihre its 
Fee Simple, that ^ have lawful Right to rfll the fame as aforefaid, that thev are tree of 

j^i Incumbrances whatever^^ And further. th^,4«^f*i« Heirs, Executors and Adminiftratofs, 
Ihall and will warrant and defead faid granted ■iT^.fi^'Vv-uhjr 
onto the faid *Jc^J^r,,^■^,^tt^^A^t^^ ^4^ {/vIa -— ^ 
" Heirs and Affigns forever, againft the Claims of all People, 

in Witnefs whereof J the faid ji'lHhii^Uf^ VlICOlU'UX-J 

junto fee tUo Hand and Seal this x/tinA'vlMJ Day of ^J -^^W^Jt^V-^ 
nni One Thotfand Seven Hundred and Seventy mJUU^ and in the /A m3 ' 
His Majefly's Reign. ^"^ ^ I 

have hereunto 

AtiiJO Domini 

Year of His Majefly's Reign 

Signed, Sealed and Delivered 
in trefence of us 


i( ^ J^^/3 . The above-named ^ojix-U'-^dxIfSIUXXX^ 

Pei;fonally appeared and owned this Inftrument to be 
lAjui free A^ and Deed, 

^ujl, Paw. 





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